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Compatible hardware devices

A variety of types of hardware can be used with TToole.

These are divided into high-end systems with high performance in terms of fluidity and interaction, priced accordingly, and consumer range systems produced by large distributors of consumable electronics, in which the quality of interaction is more limited.

High-end hardware

This category includes devices that can detect up to 30 touches at one time.

Samsung SUR40

This multi-touch table is based on the Microsoft Pixelsense technology and was previously sold under the name of “Surface 2”. It supports up to 52 touches at one time.

It features a sophisticated system of micro-cameras with “Microsoft Pixelsense” proprietary technology, able to detect not only touch but also more complex visual shapes such as patterns and the inclination of the finger.

Schermi 3M

They do not produce tables but multi-touch screens, with or without frame (to be integrated with custom products).

They employ capacitive technology able to respond to the touch of a finger but not to inanimate objects.

3M multitouch screens

PQLabs screens

PQLabs also produces screens for third-party integration. The infrared grid technology used by this company allows for the creation of very large screens (over 80”) at a relatively affordable price.

FlatFrog Multitouch 3200

This table can detect up to 40 touches and also senses dynamic pressure. The technology is based on a patent that uses the surface as an optical guide.

Consumer-range devices

This category includes PCs and screens with 10 touches at one time. These devices are also based on capacitive technology and thus respond to finger touch but are not sensitive to shapes.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon

This is considered the first “Table PC”: it is an all-in-one PC.

ASUS ET-2300

This PC belongs to the “all-in-one” category and combines the PC and display into one workstation.

Dell S2340T

With its 23” reclining screen, this device must be connected to a PC (same characteristics required as for the installation of Windows 8).

Sony Vaio Tap-20

This is to all intents and purposes a 20” tablet PC that can also be used as a reclining screen.

Other hardware supports

There are other devices with the characteristics required by TToole but we have not had the opportunity to test them on our platform. If you wish to test your hardware in a test session, please contact us (